Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Please Help! I need Proof...

Image: Anders Sandberg
For a very long time now I've been completely convinced that making media is A Good Thing for Learners. This won't surprise you, I guess, if you have ever read this blog or noticed the blog description above. In fact I believe it's an essential part of being literate in the 21st century. I assert this is true based on my experiences working with learners.
But now...
... perhaps for the first time, I really need to convince someone else of this belief.  I find that: all these years the evidence of my own eyes, ears - and those other, more mysterious, sensors teachers use when they're working with learners - has been enough to keep media-making a key part of my educational mission statement. I find too that, like most people, I've listened mainly to people who agree with me, rarely questioning their assertions.
I've never needed to assemble a body of evidence; I'm not an academic needing footnotes or peer review - like the man said: I'm a Believer*.
Other believers have a Good Book or a Body of Research or something. I am bereft (well, nearly).
Here's the challenge.
Gimme some hard evidence.
I need links man, links...
Convince me I haven't been wasting my time following a dream, that I'm not, as my wife said in one of her caring but incisive bits of feedback, just 'one man and his laptop'.
Naturally enough I'm not going to tell you who this mystery person/people is/are. Yet.

But if we can convince them I certainly will...

* is this the first (or only) time someone in a wheelchair starred on ToTP?