Friday, 30 May 2014

HOT news?

A couple of months ago, while refreshing this site, a friend reminded me that a newsletter can be a good way to build readership. I had considered this off and on over the years and decided maybe the time had come…
So I dutifully trawled the web looking for the best way to build and deliver an excellent newsletter – easily. After playing with on and offline apps, I made the same decision 3.5 million other people have apparently made – MailChimp. Its easy to use, free (for small-ish circulations), has comprehensible management tools and can look quite pretty (for a newsletter).
Then I pondered the usual questions: Why? Who? What and When?
According to my stats most readers come here via Google searches so, if they enjoyed what they found, wouldn’t it be good if they came back occasionally? I thought about the newsletters I actually read regularly. In fact there is only one (Jules Evans) I do read regularly and that’s pretty much identical to his blog: so I never read his blog.  Many have thin content and just fill up your inbox.  I unsubscribe from those (when I get round to it). So the newsletter needed to be occasional (monthly), telling readers what delights they have missed. Maybe an archive post and the best one of the month? How about special offers – good, free apps I’ve tried?
And then it struck me:
Something old, something new, something borrowed, Digital Glue.
Well it’s a tried and tested formula for the beginning of a relationship.
So I added a link to my sidebar and… almost no-one signed up. Then I had a brainwave: write a blog post about it. Now that is a good idea.