Friday, 13 June 2014

Digital Glue for Hire

prodg coming soon
If you regularly come to this blog via the Home page, you may have noticed the greyed-out logo on the left. When I updated this blog I had lots of good intentions to set about the process fairly rapidly but as Burns had it:
The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley...
dg4hire anim
I’ve mentioned the excellent business start-up course I attended a few weeks back. It was there that I started to realise, that I probably needed something a little slicker than Google could provide. Up to that point I’d been dabbling with Google Sites, but Sites does not handle mobile viewing very well – and since it appears that content consumption on mobiles is up by over 70% since last year it would be foolish to ignore that.

So, waving a sad(-ish) farewell to my “Digital Glue, 4 higher” gif (right), I slogged off across the internet toying with the range of website builders out there. Since it is intended be a more static site than this, blogging software wasn’t quite what I needed. For my last ‘proper’ site I used Nvu but Kompozer, its replacement, doesn’t use HTML5; and to be slick and mobile you need it. It was a close-run thing between Wix and Mr Site. I was initially more inclined to Mr Site (as a UK business) but in the end it was a Wix template that won me.

prodg sneak peekWix is pretty flexible and there were very few things I wanted to do that it prevented.  The key point is, that it allowed me to get my message across without spending much time on the how. All the graphics for my site are mine own – many of them specially created.  Text was pored over, re-drafted and proof read.  When I was moderately happy I changed the button for the one on the left which led to my site with its Wix URL.

Something I had forgotten from my last ‘proper’ site was that the tweaking usually takes longer than the initial setup.  Add to that good ideas from friends and advisers (and they were good - thanks folks!) and beginning the process of attaching my actual domain name, seemed to move further and further away.

prodg active
Until the glorious day dawned (yesterday) when was born. I bought that domain name even before But I’ve saved it against the day I went back to being freelance i.e. now.

I celebrated by changing my button to match the rest. If I really want to spoil myself I shall add a tab at the top of this page later. I’ll be pushing the boat out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest…
Born on the wild side, me.