Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First catch your movie : GIF DIY

Gorgeous eh…
timgrin heart transparentIn this post I’m going to do several things this blog has never done before:
begin a series of posts, start with a health warning
and… no, let me explain:

This started life as just one post about making gifs, but it soon became pretty clear it might well exceed your levels of tolerance. It will suit me better, at a busy time in my life, to write and post a series over a few weeks. Then I realised that to post the whole lot here might make this blog look a bit gif-obsessed. The solution is to post to my blog that is gif-obsessed, Gifology. 
I set up the Gifology blog last year, when I was determined to create a library of the gifs I was making but, for one reason and another, only managed a couple of posts. It makes sense to post a series of gif tutorials there and add notifications and links on this blog, as and when they appear. So keep your eyes peeled… scissoreye