Wednesday, 13 August 2014


butterfly animation
It has taken a while for it to dawn properly that I am no longer A Teacher. I’ve been saying it for a while to convince myself. I’ve even got a good name for what I do - Learning Designer - and all my online biogs describe me as such now. The problem is that although I have some interesting work lined up, I haven’t actually started yet…
I realised today that I am in the chrysalis stage: not showing much to the outside world, but busily changing for all that. This blog began life as  current updates on ideas, practices and cb coverresources I found stimulating or useful in my teaching career. Many were based on classroom practise. Currently though I’m working on some longer term projects: the Digital Glue Cookbook and my GIF DIY course. Checking analytics for the Cookbook it’s pretty clear that few people venture past the tab at the top of this page to see what’s been happening there; so I’ve removed it and will, instead, publish the recipes here on the blog. My eventual aim is to collect  them together as an e-book, but there’s no reason not to publish them here as they are written. I hope they will prove useful.
I’ve also rather cheekily asked a few media education colleagues if they would like to write guest posts and a couple have agreed so far.
I’ve refreshed my blog template to flag up the change. The new wallpaper comes from the truly excellent British Library Flickr stream.
Leastways I hope there won’t be too much more hanging around…
So, with luck, a Learning Designer will emerge from his chrysalis soon.