Wednesday, 15 April 2015

All things must pass

I stopped teaching before Christmas 2013 and resigned in April 2014. I have a decent teaching pension but it's a bit hand-to-mouth. It was my intention to pick up some freelance work - I gave myself a new title: Learning Designer. I even went on a business course. But months passed and I found myself very busy doing everything but developing the business I had planned... I went to seminars with IntoFilm, keen to go off and train teachers in the joys of digital movie making... and yet...
It all felt a bit like the coat tails of my career. Retirement is an opportunity to make major change. But what change?  
For most of my first 18 years I wanted to be an artist. My training with Peter Lane  was as a teacher of art.  Circumstances led to my teaching in Primary schools and my 'maker hunger' began to feed on all manner of creative activity and visual art took its place the ranks. One thing was a constant - doodling. Every piece of paper I ever put pen or pencil to featured a doodle somewhere. My students noticed: a Christmas present of a small sketchbook from one had the dedication above.

So with the money gifts for my 60th birthday I began making a collection of tools and the doodling began in earnest. I was briefly interested in Zentangles until it became clear that it was simply an attempt to market something I already knew. Spending extended periods drawing I began to remember how mindful drawing can be and that a relaxed, non-critical, exploratory approach (doodling) creates a seedbed where ideas can grow. The image below came together re-reading The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 
Only when the drawing was complete did I realise its personal meaning. It is both an escape and about escape.

So sadly this blog has come to a natural conclusion. It consisted of classroom-based ideas and I have no intention of returning to the classroom. My ideas are elsewhere.

I'll leave this blog online for the present, since it may be of some help to those still inside. I'm roaming free now. 

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